Product description
  • Appearance : Viscous milky white fluid
  • Charge : Non ionic
  • PH(1:10) : 6-8
  • Solids:52-54%
  • Sanosil SW can be dilutable in water as well as in organic solvents and compatiable with acrylics and poly-urethanes systems.
  • Sanosil SW Provide a soft wax feel an good slippery feel on finished leathers including excellent taber resistance.
  • It is easily miscible in seasons,lacquers and top coat materials.General applications,dosage of 5-10 gpl is recommended.
  • Storage/Shell life
    • Sanosil SW Conc macro has a shell life up to 6 months if stored in tightly closed original containers between 5-35C.If the material iskept beyond the shell life recoomended,It is not necessarily unusable,but quality control should be performed on the properties relevant to the application.The containers must be protected against sunlight and frost.
    • Packaging
      • 1,5 and 25 kgs plastic drums.
  • When Using Sanozyme DP, An Excellent Enzymatic Powdered Degreasing Agent Is An Eco-Friendly And It Removes The Short-Hairs, During The Liming Processes. If Used In Wet-Blue To Direct Dyeing Processes, Considerably, It Helps To Improve The Area Of The Final Leathers..

    Prince Louis Pasteur Leather Technical consultants vaniyambadi
  • When Using Sanosil CT 950 ,The Feel Modifier Gives An Excellent Smooth, Silky Touch On Finished Leathers And Improves Wet -Rub And Dry- Rub Fastness..

    Frangis Magnium LeatherChennai