• Appearance : Powder, Dedus
  • Active Substance : Proteolytic Enzymes
  • PH Value (1:10) : 6 To 8
  • SANOZYME WET40 is suitable for any types of leather, especially for soft leather.
  • SANOZYME WET40 ensures optimum scud ,removal from the skin.
  • SANOZYME WET40 produces fine, smooth and elastic grain without increasing the loose grain tendency.
  • SANOZYME WET40 slackens the hide structure gently without causing excessive decomposition of the flanks.
  • SANOZYME WET40 is added 1 % undisloved, together with deliming agents, or 30 minutes later. For improved scud release surfactants, e.g. 0.3 to 0.5% SANOZYME DP, may be added to the bating bath and run 30.
  • When Using Sanozyme DP, An Excellent Enzymatic Powdered Degreasing Agent Is An Eco-Friendly And It Removes The Short-Hairs, During The Liming Processes. If Used In Wet-Blue To Direct Dyeing Processes, Considerably, It Helps To Improve The Area Of The Final Leathers..

    Prince Louis Pasteur Leather Technical consultants vaniyambadi
  • When Using Sanosil CT 950 ,The Feel Modifier Gives An Excellent Smooth, Silky Touch On Finished Leathers And Improves Wet -Rub And Dry- Rub Fastness..

    Frangis Magnium LeatherChennai